Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lincoln Box contents, 11 February

Here it is, all unpacked and basking on the dining room table:
What you see is what we got: avocados, carrots, apples, cilantro, broccoli, green onions, cauliflower, spinach, radicchio (the dark reddish lettuce-like item), napa cabbage (the huge and heavy head of greens at the back), and another head of light-green lettuce.

Napa cabbage is the stuff often found in kimchi, btw. So it's quite sturdy!

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Lisa Bennett said...

I found a good way to use the chinese cabbage is to make sourkraut. I make it japanese style with some scallions, soy sauce, lemon juice, salt and water. Put it in quart jars and let it sit on the counter for a couple days. Then put it in the fridge.