Saturday, June 29, 2013

The demise of Google Reader

What are you using instead?

I've tried several, but find idiosyncrasies in each one that I don't like.

Right now, I find Feedly and The Old Reader the least irritating.  TOR is a real shoestring operation and their servers are swamped.  Consider sending them a donation so that they can add servers.  It looks the most promising (for the way I like to use RSS readers, YMMV).

I also signed up for Bloglovin and claimed my blog, but I am not sure I recommend that service. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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Penny L. Richards said...

I was at Bloglines before it closed (and then reopened too late)--I moved my feeds to Feedly back then, and I like that okay, but to be honest I don't look at it much. These days, unless I see a blog linked at FB or on Twitter, I'll probably miss it, sad to say.