Thursday, September 18, 2014

New Location!

Yellow umbrella against blue skies, at Panelas Brazil Cuisine today
We have moved!  Well, the drop-off point for our CSA boxes has, anyway.  Now we're retrieving our boxes from Panelas Brazil Cuisine on the corner of Robinson and Beland, next to Dale Page Park.  There's good parking, and it's even walkable for some of our families.  Better yet, there are nice tables and umbrellas outside the shop (see photo).  So buy a juice, a little meal, or some nice Brazilian pastries, and take a nice break while you bag your Tanaka goodies.  (The goodies today included figs and pears--beautiful, beautiful fruit this week, it must be autumn.)  The owner of Panelas has children in the Redondo schools, and is happy to support our fundraiser, so return the favor if you can.  (They also have lovely dinners for takeout--maybe grab a potpie while you're there, make a salad from your box contents, fruit for dessert; sounds hearty and easy too, right?)

Do you have friends who haven't tried the Tanaka CSA program?  Maybe they tried it years ago, but it is far more convenient now. Tell them how easy it is to customize your schedule, set up an automatic payment or a vacation hold on the website; tell them about the small and large boxes, and the new mini-box.  And be sure to tell them about the new pickup spot!

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