Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lettuce; not just for salads

Each winter box usually includes heads of two types of lettuces. Here are a few recipe suggestions beyond salads.

Make soup! This is not as strange as it sounds. Have you ever had watercress soup?  Romaine lettuce imparts a refreshing flavor to soup, without the spiciness of watercress.  Moreover, Chinese clay pot dishes are often lined with the tougher outer leaves of Romaine lettuce. They lend flavor and help reduce cleanup.

You may not be the type of mom that serves ramen after a long day at work.  But I have been known to serve ramen with cubes of tofu, slices of fish cake and whatever veggies I can scrounge in the fridge.  My mother used spinach, watercress and Romaine interchangeably in ramen soup; I do the same.

The softer types of lettuce leaves are perfect for low-carb wraps.  Boston or Bibb lettuce also works well for Korean-style lettuce cups.

Feel free to add your lettuce ideas in the comments!

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